Wednesday, 7 September 2011

On the anniversary of 9/11.

‘’Some Thoughts on...September 11, 2001’’
(Written on September 13th 2001)
by Luciana Cousin

In time of tragedy and sorrow, You are our only hope
With "Dear G-d" on our lips we enforce our faith
Although for a lot of us, perhaps, we've left it too late,
Sometimes I wonder if You feel despair at the evil we create
The doomed paths we take.... through our arrogance and hate.

Our collective prayers are whispered in Your ears,
We silently call out to You in the middle of the night
We plead with You inside our heads, through our tears
Negotiating, bartering, putting up a fight.
Trying so hard to keep You in our heart and sight.

When no answers are forthcoming, no miraculous transmissions,
We turn on You, asking if You've given up, forgotten us.
We arrogantly tell You what we want, or else…
We stamp our feet, shout and cuss
Whining and crying out "Why me"

Patiently, it seems, You take our drivel, accepting of our ways.
Your unconditional love delivers us from evil time and again
In the midst of this tragedy, You hold on to our hands
Through a mother’s tears, through another's pain, and
For one brief moment through the unity of man.

Through Your goodness and love we will survive
Through Your protection we will thrive
And as we slowly change our ways
We may even make You proud of us some day.

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