Saturday, 3 September 2011

Does Everything Happen For A Reason?

The end of a relationship, either a personal or professional one, is always rough; it drains the emotional part of you. You question your self-worth and self-esteem. Time is spent in trying to figure out where the fault lies, where and why it went wrong. All this can be very time consuming and definitely counterproductive.

The 21st century Gurus (‘The Secret’ advocates, Spiritual Life Coaches, etc) tell us that we draw these negative situations and wrong people to ourselves; it seems we supposedly transmit our ‘negative’ thoughts out to the universe and the universe responds, instantly, or so it seems, by sending us harsh and complicated situations. Which in most cases cause immense devastation and loss. Apparently,the Universe does this for our greater good (who knew?). 

So that we can learn and grow spiritually; and therefore, according to the people who promote this stuff, we are exactly in the situation(s) we should be in. So, somehow, through a random thought, we in fact ordered these situations from the universe. …Seriously?

Last month  2 relationships ended. A business one and a personal one. Funnily enough, both ended on the same day, within hours of the other.

I ended my business partnership with PRG Group ( last month, for a number of reasons. For the sake of clarity, the reasons I resigned had nothing to do with the team, the vision or commitment on my end to PRG UK.  In fact,  I truly enjoyed the past 8 months as Managing Director of PRG UK, and I had a wonderful and exciting time. I am proud of the UK team who worked so hard and were so dedicated to the success of creating the vision.

I thank the people I met along the way, who believed in what we were doing and gave their time and support in helping to make the vision a reality.  We achieved so much in such a short time and that success is a reflection of their talents, skills and passion. Surely it means something to achieve so much… what do you say to that, Universe?

I am reminded of Charlotte (Sex and The City), who always says, ‘Everything happens for a reason’. So I am optimistic that the ending of PRG UK is indeed a new beginning for me.

Relationships in business, like personal relationships, take work, and have to be grounded in a balance of give and take, respect and transparency.  One partner always giving and the other always taking, ends up in resentment and disaster. Different agendas also wreak havoc on a business partnership (and that holds true for personal ones as well). Respect? That’s always a thorny subject…is respect earned or unconditionally given? I believe that every human being on earth deserves respect, and then it’s up to them to prove that they are worthy of it.

Transparency….well that’s all about trust, isn’t it? I also need to add 'telling the truth'....thats very important to me. In both a business and personal relationship, withholding or twisting the truth or lying to your partner kills a relationship instantly.

The question did cross my mind ‘Would the partnership with PRG Group have had a different result and outcome if I was a man? I don’t know but then, does gender dictate behaviour?
Recently I had an opportunity to attend a seminar called ‘Awakening Feminine Power’ ( run by 2 amazing women, Catherine Woodward and Claire Zammit. Part of the course deals in Male Power versus Feminine Power (the ladies give an in depth explanation of how women use only Male power traits in business and life as this has been the only model available to us….until now) and then go on to explain how women can integrate the Male Power traits within the Feminine Power qualities.
Very Powerful stuff…..

Congratulations to my nephew and godson Matt Zarb Cousin (, now working in the House of out for this kid.....he is, quite likely, to be the future of government.
Also congatulations to Ting Ting Zhu, on her recent gradutation from University College London( and now heading to Oxford University (  for her DPhil. Ting Ting is a wonderful example of feminine power.... she has succeeded in conquering the male dominated world of engineering. Way to go Ting.......

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