Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Saying Sorry Is Crap

How many times have you been on the receiving end of “oh, I am so sorry for (fill in the blank - being late, cancelling on you, ruining your life, cheating on you, not calling you, making you sad,). Saying sorry has become the “get out of jail card”; you screw up, say sorry and voila! You are automatically pardoned.

Ok, there are times, occasionally, when you just can’t help it and things beyond your control do happen. Still, saying sorry does not fix what has been broken.

Saying sorry is crap because all it does is makes you (the person saying it) feel good. That’s all.

For the person on the receiving end, they get a meaningless word plus they have to pick up the pieces. Nothing changes.    

Even celebrities love to publicly apologise for their bad and sometimes unacceptable behaviour. It gives them, probably like us, the feel good factor plus another 5 minutes in the headlines. But did that apology from Justin Beiber to his fans for being 2 hours late for his own concert, make things right? Those poor fans will never get those 2 hours back. When we watched Tiger Woods publicly apologise after he cheated on his wife, did that apology remove the anguish and heartache he put his wife through? No.
But at least both Justin and Tiger felt good about themselves, which is apparently the whole point of saying sorry.

The 3 worst kind of sorry(s)
1. When people coyly tilt their head to one side and say “Oh, I am so sorry” with that (patronising) smile, and you just know that what they are actually saying is F*ck You. 

2. When you try to point out how they messed you up, and they predictably interrupt you with “Well I said Sorry” as if that clarifies and makes everything better.

3. Then there are the sorry(s) accompanied with a :(  on texts and emails; Seriously? Like a sad face emoticon is supposed to make up for everything. 

Guess EltonJohn was so wrong, when he sang that “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”. It is just a meaningless word and a reactive action people use when they screw up and they walk away feeling good about themselves (well, they did say sorry).  No matter that their actions left someone in the shit.

Saying sorry is crap and Elton...sorry is easy to say.

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