Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hope….sometimes it’s all we have.

At some point in our lives we have all experienced a life changing event - death, anguish, divorce, loneliness, abuse, debt, depression, illness- that leaves us bewildered, abandoned, angry, sad and helpless. Our coping mechanism collapses and a fog descends over us. Yet, we get up every day, raise our children; go to work, pay the bills, somehow we get through another day and despite the fog we work on rebuilding our lives. And we somehow survive.
Over the last couple of months I have had the pleasure and honour of meeting and working with some very special women, many of them experiencing a major hardship, others having just survived one. I am humbled by the strength and resilience of these women, despite or in spite of, the incredible hardship they have endured.
What drives us? What gives us the strength to go on and face another day when we have nothing left? When we have to start over again, when we have to endure life’s hardships, when we have to accept the unacceptable? Is it faith that drives us forward? Or fate?  Where does that strength to go on for a little while longer, come from?
Hope is a miracle
I think it is HOPE , that candle in the dark, that propels us forward. It comes when we are at our lowest point, and then, for a single moment the fog clears, just a little bit, and deep inside your soul you sense that you are going to be ok. It gives us the innate ability to replace fear and anguish with courage and determination. Hope gives us the power to face tomorrow with a degree of optimism, regardless of how dire our circumstances are today.
Hope is the single inspiring force that compels us to change our circumstances and indeed ourselves.  
Sometimes it seems that all we are left with is hope and sometimes that’s enough to get by.

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