Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Defending the good in life

Seems to be all doom and gloom these days, from the bad economy and continuously rising prices, to growing unemployment and the amount of people I know who have recently been diagnosed with cancer is close to an epidemic. Also, most people seem to be having streaks of unnatural bad luck, freak accidents and there are bad moods all around. Similarly, the weather has been very bizarre this month with temperatures in most of Europe hovering around -15 for weeks, flooding rivers in Peru and Chile, Afghanistan frozen, Philippines earthquake, and the flooding in Queensland and China.

There are, of course,  heaps of explanations for what's going on, from the obvious, ‘its winter’, ‘bad governments’ and ‘unhealthy people’ to the ‘we are experiencing the prelude of the Mayan Calendar December 2012 prophecy’.

One explanation that I really like (it’s comforting and it strongly resonates with my sense of Romanticism) is that we are in a period of transition as the Age of Pisces is ending and we enter the Age of Aquarius. Seemingly, whereas the Age of Pieces was ruled by greed, jealousy, ego & ignorance, in the Aquarian Age it will be more about a spiritual existence, selflessness and harmony. It will be all about synergy and the alignment of mind, body and soul. So the doom and gloom and all that we are experiencing is apparently necessary to make the transition and as anyone who has ever tried any sort of transitioning or tried changing anything can testify, it is never easy and the road is fraught with challenges and obstacles.

But we truly are living in interesting times……anything can happen and it usually does!

Perhaps it’s time to make those personal changes we keep putting off, and to live life the way we want, to escape from the drudgery of a mere existence and start experiencing everything and all the good that life has to offer, to be inspired and amazed every day, to be brilliant,  to break some rules and to start dreaming big. 

‘You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God’; Mother Theresa

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