Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Whisper In My Soul

Fleeting thoughts, a need for more,
Ever present, and yet out of reach.
After all, I have achieved….my life is complete.
My family, my boys, and a life.
But then the whisper faintly stirs a passion that lies deep within my soul.
And while my voice is silent, my thoughts are loud.

Conflicting thoughts; is it right to want more
Beyond just being ‘a someone elses’,– wife, mother, daughter.
‘I am blessed with what I have’; I whisper back,
‘I must be grateful for this life although it is not really mine’, I whisper back,
‘I know there is much more to me;
That this is simply a fragment of the essence of me’. I whisper back.

‘I am not ready yet’, I whisper back.
But the whisper finds ways to make me heed;
It kindles neglected emotions and revives forgotten dreams,
As it steadily guides me to the point of ‘what if?
‘But I am not good enough’, I whisper back,
‘It is too late’, I whisper back, ‘to become me’.

The whisper breathes into my soul, and ignites an inner strength,
And for a moment I can see the woman that is really me.
‘I am scared’; I whisper back, ‘what if I fail?’ I whisper back,
‘I cannot do this’ I whisper back;
‘Do you not know my role in life and that
it cannot be just about me’. I whisper back.

‘Stay strong, stay true to you’, the whisper echoes through my soul.
And as I grow in self-love, self-esteem and self-respect;
I find my voice and stand up tall, I make a difference and explore
Beyond the boundaries that I set a long time ago.
The whisper in my soul inspires me to accept that I do not need
The praise and criticism of others in order to succeed.

And as the whisper filters through the core of who I am
Empowering the woman in me, to inspire, to achieve and to be
Myself and who I am and who I will become,
‘I am humbled and in awe,’ I whisper back.

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