Thursday, 6 October 2011

Perception….. a self-serving distortion of reality?

I perceive therefore it is…..

How many times have we found ourselves on the receiving end of someone’s perception of a situation or issue only to realise that their perception and the reality of the situation are poles apart. What each of us perceives as reality is the sum product of nature, nurture, environment and experiences. Each of us exists in our own little world and within our own idea of reality, which is the core of our existence.  What people perceive is the reality they live by. 
Two people will re-tell an identical experience very differently, and inevitably two stories will emerge. In the case of antipathy perceived as love: Antipathy and Love both have the same intensity, passion and exclusivity. Both consume desires and fuel the imagination. So, is it all in the perceived interpretation of the receiver that decides what the reality is?  If the receiver perceives what is being given is love, then does that become the reality, even though what the giver is providing is antipathy? The giver and the receiver will take away two very different experiences and emotions from the situation but to each it is their reality.

Life (and spiritual) coaches promote and endorse the theory that our thoughts create the reality we want to achieve.  The human brain produces approximately 70,000 thoughts on an average day.  But what defines a thought?  Is a sequence of thoughts classified as one thought or many? What about random thoughts, do they count?  Do you need special thoughts to create reality? How do you separate the productive thoughts from the thoughtless thoughts? What about the thoughts that have converted into beliefs and now reside in our subconsciousness?  In this context perceived reality takes on a whole new dimension.
If we can change our reality by our thoughts, then the possibility of a reality of wickedness, ruthlessness and evil is ever present just as much as a reality full of goodness and love. Won’t overly simplifying a complex and sometimes unfathomable concept that ‘our thoughts create the reality we want to achieve’ make us slaves to our own mind?
I am more inclined to believe thatwe influence reality with our thoughts rather than create it’
Perhaps this concept  is not such a popular idea because it requires us to take responsibility for the circumstances in our lives, both the good and the bad. Yet taking ownership of that responsibility also gives us the freedom to re-design our lives as we desire. It is terrifying, but also rather powerful.

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