Wednesday, 14 September 2011

If only.......

Dear God and the Universe,
I am writing to you to complain about the laws [and rules] of the Universe and spirituality that we are all trying to live by. I realise that perhaps, it is not heavenly correct to question Your motives, methods and procedures. However, I am having a hard time keeping up and I am seriously questioning what Your point is? Or is there even a point? 

Let’s start with the fundamental law that says to ‘let go and trust in the Universe and/or God, don’t question how, just let the Universe deliver’.
This law is impossible to follow and so right from the start we are trying to attain the impossible. No one can really achieve that state of mind. You will always have the advantage on this one since; no one knows what it is we are supposed to trust;we do not know what You are thinking or what you want or what Your expectations of us are. And by the way, it would really help if You can send out some clues as to what exactly is the ‘higher purpose’ or the ‘higher good’? There are some very conflicting and confused suppositions going around.

So we spend alot of time second guessing and hoping we are on the right track; and if by chance, something works for someone, then that person is propelled overnight to spiritual or life coach status. They write books, hold workshops and give the rest of us a glimmer of hope that we too can get there (wherever there is), if only we can do what they did. Ironically, in most cases it is exactly what we have been doing all along anyway.

Next, perhaps You will consider giving some credit to the group of people who really do work hard, are genuinely really good people, and who are not actively looking to achieve their nirvana in 90 days. They are simply looking to lead and enjoy a good and decent life. These people acknowledge You,pray to You and love You. And these are the ones that usually get the 7 plagues thrown at them and are constantly having their faith tested.

And, what about the group that just don’t get a break? Ever. They live a lifetime in confusion and mayhem, existing it seems for the sole purpose of being the Universe’s ‘whipping boy’.

Yet when anyone questions ‘what the hell is going on? why me?’, the replies generally given by the afore mentioned spiritual or life coaches are generally quite abstruse and no help at all :

1. You have issues/blockages from your past life

2. You asked for this situation in order to grow spiritually

3. It is for the higher good….’what’s that? ‘, you ask, and the answer always comes back,’that you are exactly where you need to be and you have lessons to learn form the situation and someday, maybe, you will understand.

4. You have negative beliefs about yourself from when you were 3 years old(as if we can remember that far back)

5. You need to be more positive

How do they know all this? Are they actually quoting You verbatim?  There is no evidence that You actually told them any of this  and they wrote down Your words to pass on to the rest of us, similar to what You did with Moses. Actually, come to think of it, it’s been a long time since anyone heard Your voice. The Burning Bush episode comes to mind but that was over 5,000 years ago.

With regards the spiritual gurus and life coaches, I do not have anything against them and in fact they are doing their best with very little information and great if they can help. But it’s just not working. Like the rest of us, they seem to have no clue what it is You and the Universe need in order for us to live happily. So their teachings become self-serving and it seems, they simply recycle the one successful episode in their lives that got them to be spiritual and life coaches.

And now we are being told that we need to rewire our thought process and sub conscious in order to develop our deeper Consciousness. Again, what does it all mean? Or perhaps it is more appropriate to ask why?

Are we not created in Your image and likeness? All 6.96 billion of us are supposedly all connected  to each other and to you or simply put we are all part of You? So why are we messing with the blue print? If we are not functioning as You designed us, then it should be Your responsibility to fix, not ours. HaveYou checked out the Internet lately and seen all the ads that claim to know exactly what Your  expectations are and indeed what the Universe expects from us? The market is saturated with all forms of therapies that expound Your vision and Your expectations from Reiki to Theta to NLP.

These therapies explore past lives, remove negative beliefs, and connect you to your spiritual guides; and then there are the meditations,there are literally hundreds of thousands of them – meditations to meet angels and your higher self, there are meditations for manifestation (wealth, love, business, health),finding a soul mate, the list goes on and on. All of these meditations require less than 20 minutes of your time. And they are all guaranteed to work or your money back. This depends, of course that you do not have issues from your past life, have negative beliefs, etc , then of course, ‘its all for a higher purpose’. See where I am going with this?

The other law I have an issue with is ‘the Universe and God want you to give you whatever you desire, so if you wish for something and you pray, visualise, meditate, etc. on it, you will get it…all you need to do is ask and it is yours’ …..Sounds good, right? But….should you have one random negative thought, forget it! Instead, what you will probably get is blindsided and find yourself with areas of your life that were going well , now going to hell…….why make such grandiose promises and then put a caveat that ensures that no one will ever get what they want?

Subconscious, consciousness, subliminal, positive energy, negative energy, inner self, outer self, ego, higher self,’ ….
what does it all mean? Is it that important to You to have us walking around in a state of confusion as we try to figure it all out? Do we even need to figure it out? Does it make any difference to You or the Universe if we want something for ourselves , our families, just for fun or for a higher good (whatever that may be)? And do You really care about this stuff?

Life should be simple. We fully understand that because we are born, we know with absolute certainty that we will die; we accept that fact unconditionally (well, we have no choice in the matter). It’s simple - we are born and we die. The fact that we actually manage to create a life in between, even despite knowing that the only possible outcome of our birth is termination, should give You confidence that we get it – that, no matter what, in the end, You reign supreme since You and You alone call the shots in the end.
In the meantime, we would just like to enjoy our time here; we would like to enjoy a good existence, share our life with good people, have children, go on holidays, eat in great restaurants, enjoy good wine and real coffee, read exceptional books, appreciate music, art and theatre . We want to enjoy all the marvellous things that You created.

We actually do understand right from wrong, and yes, some of us do bad things, sometimes very bad things, but fundamentally all people are good , how could we not be? , after all we are part of You. It is just that sometimes our actions are bad.

The nonsense starts when we are faced with unexpected situations that upset the life we have, when bad things happen to good people and we lose jobs, money, people we love and off we go in to ‘how do we reach God/ the Universe to get me out of this’? ‘, ‘what does God/the Universe need me to do?’. We are then bombarded from all sides with accusations (despite the fact that being judgemental is a big no-no) that we caused this to ourselves, because we were negative, egotistical, unkind, selfish judgemental, have bad karma, and in some cases, we are even told that this is Your way of punishing us.

So we panic, and reach out for the spiritual and life coaches who convince us that our only hope for redemption, salvation and achieving higher levels of self and Consciousness (I still don’t get what that means exactly) is to join their classes, groups and/or their organisations.

They teach us to mediate, visualise and manifest; to throw out what is no longer serving us(even if that means throwing out your spouse, partner, parents ,friends, family, job, children and pets); we are told to use affirmations and to sprinkle our speech with words like ‘blessings’, ‘peace be with you’, ‘joy and love’ whenever we talk or even when we write to anyone; we get to wear red strings, become self-sacrificing for the higher good, and adorn ourselves with self-righteousness.

So we get to feel really good for a while as we smugly transform into living paragons of virtue (at least in our mind). We look pityingly on those who have not yet discovered the secret, the system, the affirmations, the higher self, or whatever we think it is that we have discovered; of course this is not a sustainable way of life , especially since all our family and friends  have disappeared from our lives (mainly because we have become sanctimonious killjoys).

Meanwhile the heavenly clock is ticking. All we really want is to have a good life, a life we can enjoy until our time here is up.

Warmest wishes,


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