Thursday, 7 July 2011

Week 1- Launch

China's women buy Ferraris like Italian pastries

I am impressed that China has more female entrepreneurs and female millionaires than anywhere else in the world. Well done to all the Chinese women who have taken the challenge and become millionaires.  While the West still struggles with the concept of women in the boardroom and in leadership positions, although things are slowly improving, the article states that 'more than half the world’s richest women are Chinese' .
So how do these ladies do it?   Well, the article credits the Chinese women with being ambitious… Hmmmm.... I know a lot of women who are ambitious, myself included.....and we are nowhere near being millionaires, well, at least not for a few more years.  I think that it takes a lot more than simply being ambitious (although it certainly helps) to become a millionaire.
I have to think it is probably that Chinese women are brought up as equal to men and perhaps Chinese girls are encouraged to compete (and possibly outperform)  their male counterparts  in maths, engineering and all those  subjects that are traditionally male dominated.  So, perhaps Chinese women are not held back by those invisible gender barriers that we are all so familiar with.

The PRG UK company website has been launched this week and it looks amazing.
It coincides (purposely) with the launch of my 156 week Business in High Heels journey towards success, wealth, and personal growth. 

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